Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan Experience

On Friday, I found myself stuck in a car traveling all day with a co-worker.  He was driving, and drivers get control of the radio.  He brought with him a USB drive containing Joe Rogan Experience #958 – Jordan Peterson.  I have never listened to a Joe Rogan podcast before.  This will certainly not be the last Joe Rogan podcast I will listen to.


Jordan Peterson, perhaps, has the clearest, deepest understanding of the social problems surrounding Western Society that you will ever come across.  His commentary is nothing short of brilliant, spewing truth and honesty from every orifice.  I often found myself having a conversation with the radio.  This included active hand gestures, much to the chagrin of my poor co-worker who just wanted to listen and absorb the content.  Sorry, Mark.


I have listened to the podcast twice so far.  A third listen is not out of the question.  There is so much truth being spoken here and so many lessons to learn that a single listen is woefully inadequate.  The crux of the discussion is centered around the Millennials, particularly Millennial males, and how we feel disenfranchised and without purpose in life.  Some of this is due to unprecedented modern conveniences that have made our lives so comfortable than masculinity is less of a desirable trait.  What used to be the glue that held society together is now being attacked from all angles as “toxic.”  Some is driven by an unprecedented fear of failure instilled in our minds from birth, instead of the time-honored traditions of hard work and self-reliance taught to every generation before us.  Many of us are finding ourselves walking around in a haze, regurgitating ideas planted in our minds by assumed authority figures.  How can one be fulfilled in life when our thoughts are not our own?


The podcast is nearly 3 hours long, but worth every second.  You may view the video from Joe Rogan’s YouTube Channel below.



I will forego any further commentary on this video because that would defeat the purpose of the discussion.  The lesson here is to think clearly on your own and develop your own opinion as an individual based on truth and honesty.

All information found herein, including any ideas, opinions, views, predictions, commentaries, forecasts, suggestions or stock picks, expressed or implied, are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only and should not be construed as personal investment advice. I am not a licensed investment adviser.



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