An Update on Romeo

I’m happy to say Brittany’s family switched over Romeo’s food.  They decided to go with the CANIDAE Grain Free PURE ELEMENTS Dry Formula dog food as a trial run and see how he responds.  The switch will not only affect Romeo.  They have another dog, a miniature poodle aptly named Juliet, who will see a windfall profit from the switch as they both eat the same food.  The vet recommended that the switch not be immediate, and that the new Canidae food be mixed together with the Hill’s Science Diet Adult Large Blend they have been feeding both their dogs to help mitigate any digestive or taste issues they may have in the transition.


That did not go as planned.


Both dogs picked out the Canidae food from the bowl and left the Hill’s.  But they weren’t just done there.  They then proceeded to both throw the Science Diet all over the floor in a grand mess, clearly showing their distaste for the corn-and-wheat-based swill they have been eating the past several years without even knowing better.  I had to laugh as I can’t blame the dogs for reacting this way.  Feed a couple dogs grain-based food, then give the carnivores actual meat-based food and they don’t want the junk food anymore.  I’m initially very pleased with the result, but we will have to see how they react to it in the longterm, especially with digestion.  Time will tell.


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