One Man’s Quest for Independence

What is Independence?


That depends on the person.  “Independence” is a very personal word that can mean very different things to different people.  Think about that for a second – if you were told you would be given “independence,” what would that mean to YOU?


I was born on July 17, 1986.  At the time of this writing, I am 28 years old.  I am lumped into a generation called the “Millennials,” and as near as I can figure from what I’ve heard from the mass media, the entire world has pretty much given up on us all.  I’ve heard my generation described in many unflattering ways, but if I had to sum up the collective perception of my generation into one word, it would be “dependent.”


We live at home longer than ever.

We are getting married later than ever.

We are unemployed or underemployed.

We have more debt than any generation before us (thank you, student loans).

We have poor interpersonal skills (thank you, text messaging and instant messenger for taking away our voices).

We are uninformed politically.


The list goes on and on.  I am here to say I do not want to be dependent.  I want to be independent.


So what does “independent” mean to me?


Financial Independence: My goal in life is to not be dependent on a paycheck that comes from selling my time to an employer.  This will require the creation of many passive income streams.  I want to get paid whether or not I get out of bed.  Most American’s time is sold to another person.  If you can achieve enough passive income, your TIME will be YOURS and you will never have to spend another day working for anyone but yourself.


Health and Wellness Independence: It is no secret that there is a health crisis in America.  Obesity rates are at an all-time high, as are diseases such as heart disease and cancer.  Recent legislation is putting further strain on our healthcare system as is, and the future for the elderly is not a bright one as more and more independent hospitals are absorbed by conglomerates and quality of care plummets while the total number of patients rises to an all-time high.  I want to make sure that when I achieve my independence, I am healthy enough to enjoy my free time for many decades to come.  I am very mindful of what I put into my body, and I am very mindful of not only how often I exercise, but how I exercise.


Independence from Myself: A long, physically healthy life with great wealth and lots of free time is worthless if you do not have people to share those things with.  Life is about finding a balance of all things, and while your career, investments and physical health and wellness are important, you must remember to nurture the important relationships in life.  This will keep you sane, and is key to longterm mental health.


This blog will serve as motivation for me to keep those principles near and dear – each update will be a constant reminder of what’s most important in my life and what my definition of “independence” is.  This blog will document my struggle to achieve those things and will focus on my investments and longterm generation of wealth, my constant battle to optimize my health and wellness and the relationships with those closest to me.  I want to prove to the world that Millennials bring hope for the future.


So, again, I ask you: What does “independence” mean to YOU?


Let the struggle begin.

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